The United Nations and the International Informatization Academy


The International Informatization Academy (IIA) is registered in the UN and ranks as associated member of the UN Secretariat Information department. The Secretariat staff, in its turn, is being drawn by the IIA to research work.
The IIA being guided in its work by the presumption that the UN activities are based on the universal culture of development considers all actions from the point of view of their development.
The IIA draws much attention to the bringing out of the role of the United Nations at the present stage of development. As an example; the IIA has organized different events dedicated to the UN 50th anniversary.
The IIA has published in Russian language "A Program for Reform" that describes the "Renewing of the United Nations" by Kofi A. Annan (1998), and made a presentation of the "Golden Book of Russia" in UN Headquarters in New York (1997).
The IIA is the world's unique Academy that enjoys the General Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and has its branch Informatization and the United Nations in the UN Headquarters in New York.
The IIA being offered the UN General Consultative Status, means that it is with no doubt invited to participate in all congresses and meetings and is permanently involved in committees and commissions of the UN Economic and Social Council. The IIA is legally embodied the right to present its programs, projects and planes in the United Nations.
Being granted the General Consultative Status of the UN proves the reputable respect to the IIA's contribution to the UN course. As to the scale and multiple aspects of the IIA activities, the IIA has practically become the UN informational basis. This is clearly proven throughout the following presence: the Academy has introduced to the concerned departments and the UN Secretariat several programs pertaining the problems of informatiology for social restructuring of the world community, medical care and childhood security. Also, a mass of prognostic information related to earthquakes was offered, too. All the programs and projects are extensively elaborated, pragmatically oriented and humanitarian in their nature. The dependence on the actual potentials of these programs is based on their socio-economic reality of the contemporary world.
The Academy's future activities to launch particular programs related to international security, scientific and technological development, information and other aspects of human society will not be restricted to local problems. Only projects, business programs that can be fruitful for the whole humanity will be chosen.
Leading researchers from New York department "Informatization and United Nations" are recruited to take part in scientific research. This division comprises over 80 important scientists from the UN Secretariat and some extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors to the UN from different countries.
The IIA through its branches, departments and chairs at high schools, universities and other general education structures in the world promotes international access to diploma according to systems and programs of international communities; facilities to obtain degrees and scientific titles; maintains activities for internationalizing and standardizing education on global scale.
The presidium of the IIA performs informatizational role to organize and develop national and regional Academies of informatiology and its operational departments.
By means of its certifying and qualifying commissions, committees and councils of experts in compliance with the law the IIA is working to prepare and certify scientific and tutor ship personnel of the highest ranks, i.e. candidates and doctors of sciences, doctors of philosophy and grand doctors, senior lecturers and professors.
The IIA branches maintain fundamental and applied researches in informatiology, informatization, the up-to-date informational technologies and informational absorptive resources that may turn into life bearing basis of the coming century. The emergence of the worldwide distributed local informational honeycomb space and community is the most acute problem of mankind. Informational resources are to become the basis for the activities of the global community in the third millennium. That's why on-going efficient development of the uniform worldwide distributed local informational honeycomb society and the use of informational resources can not be efficient without the support rendered by the heads of states and governments of all countries of the world. Since the Academy enjoys the General Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council it is desirable to associate these respective heads of states and governments with the Academy to bring about an efficient solution of the problem for the humanity benefits.