Visit of IIA to Lybia

The delegation of the IIA visited Libya in December 2004.




During this visit the members of delegation had an opportunity to meet Hon. M. Gaddafi, the Leader of the Nation and other high officials.

Montreal Headquarters of the IIA signed an agreement with the Government of Libya.

According to this agreement a Regional Office for Africa had been established in Tripoli. The major partner of this Office will be the International Gaddafi Foundation. One of the main goals of this Office will be to provide foreign countries and corporations with real information on country and support foreign investments in Libya and Africa. One of the serious projects will be an establishment of the International University and modern training courses in Tripoli. Members of the IIA will have an opportunities to participate in projects covering different fields like construction, tourism, telecommunication, IT, transportation, ecology, business development, agriculture, energy and etc.

For any information related to the Mission please contact our office in Montreal.