SRA-1A1. Accounting services.

SRA-1A2 Advertising in foreign countries.

SRA-1B1 Banking accounts.

SRA-1B2 Business law.

SRA-1B3 Business regulation, bylaws.

SRA-1B4 Business risks analysis.

SRA-1C1 Company profiles.

SRA-1C2 Competitive data.

SRA-1C3 Current news.

SRA-1D1 Demographic information.

SRA-1F1 Foreign culture and business etiquette.

SRA-1H1 High level contacts.

SRA-1I1 International feasibility and visibility studies.

SRA-1I2 International standards.

SRA-1I3 International tax information.

SRA-1I4 International trade shows and conference calendars.

SRA-1L5 List of available projects.

SRA-1O1 Organization of co-financing.

SRA-1O2 Overseas registering and managing companies, branches, representations.

SRA-1P1 Preparations of business plans, proposals and contracts.

SRA-1P2 Problem Solving.

SRA-1P3 Products and services presentation (including exhibitions and seminars).

SRA-1P4 Professional services directory.

SRA-1P5 Project and business administration and management.

SRA-1P6 Publishing.

SRA-1P7 Public relations

SRA-1S1 Secretarial services.

SRA-1T1 Tenders and business opportunities.

SRA-1T2 Travel schedules and assistance.