Privileges of IIA members


All members of the I.I.A. (individual and collective) have the following rights and privileges:

  • To take part in the formation of the Academy bodies and be elected in them;
  • To participate in the actions of the Academy;
  • To take part in the operations of any Academy's organization;
  • To offer suggestions related to the operations of the academy and its affiliated bodies;
  • To request from the Academy's support in personal and legal matters;
  • To be awarded a diploma and/or an honorable diploma from the Academy;
  • To be nominated by the I.I.A. for Nobel, State, and other international prizes;
  • To receive publications and information related to the I.I.A. activities;
  • To benefit from any financial advantages generated by activities both locally and internationally set in motion by the I.I.A.;
  • The level of fiscal benefits is related to the total contribution of collective members;
  • Participation in some activities will be permitted only for members of I.I.A.