Types of Membership

Types of Membership


There are 2 types of membership in the I.I.A.


1. Academician (Full Member) and Associate Academician (Fellow Member)

This membership is for individuals with or without citizenship. All candidates to the honored title Academician or Associate Academician (Full or Fellow Member) must first be presented by a member of the I.I.A.; then they have to pass election process and be elected as Academician or Associate Academician on the merits of individual accomplishments. Candidates must to have a Doctorate degree or equivalent, and must be outstanding in their respective fields of expertise.


Special nominations to the academy will also include the following:

  • Prominent Political Personalities;
  • People who have been operating in a field of expertise benefiting the environment and the citizens of the world;
  • Well known and outstanding persons;
  • Sponsors who have made significant contributions to support the goals of the I.I.A.;
  • Representatives of Collective Members of I.I.A..


This highest and most prestigious titles in the world will be granted to members for life.

There is no membership fee for Academicians and Associate Academicians.


2. Collective Members.

Any of the following bodies (but not restricted to) may become Collective Members of the I.I.A.:

  • Universities and other learning institutions;
  • Academies of science;
  • Corporations and companies;
  • Foundations;
  • Institutions from all domains;
  • Public organizations.