International Chamber of Commerce

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Canada Trade Mission to China

Prof. A. Vartanian and members of the IIA participated in the Trade Mission of Canada to China.

This mission took place from January 18 to 25 and was headed by the Right Honorable Paul Martin,



the Prime Minister of Canada.


During this mission IIA signed some agreements with Government of Qiqihar and Asian United Investment Company (water distribution agreement)




Prof. A. Vartanian with

Hon. Jim Peterson, Minister of International Trade of Canada





After signing the Agreement with Mr. Michael Le, the CEO of the Asia United Investments Corporation





Agreement signing Ceremony



Visit of IIA to Lybia

The delegation of the IIA visited Libya in December 2004.




During this visit the members of delegation had an opportunity to meet Hon. M. Gaddafi, the Leader of the Nation and other high officials.

Montreal Headquarters of the IIA signed an agreement with the Government of Libya.

According to this agreement a Regional Office for Africa had been established in Tripoli. The major partner of this Office will be the International Gaddafi Foundation. One of the main goals of this Office will be to provide foreign countries and corporations with real information on country and support foreign investments in Libya and Africa. One of the serious projects will be an establishment of the International University and modern training courses in Tripoli. Members of the IIA will have an opportunities to participate in projects covering different fields like construction, tourism, telecommunication, IT, transportation, ecology, business development, agriculture, energy and etc.

For any information related to the Mission please contact our office in Montreal.

Visit of Harbin Delegation

An official delegation from Harbin, Province of China, has been invited by the IIA to visit Canada.


Delegation was in Canada on December 12, 2004.



The Delegation visited Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto and had several meetings with the IIA, high officials on Federal and Provincial level.

Meeting with Ambassador of Russia

Meeting with Hon. G. Mamedov, the Ambassador of Russia to Canada




On October 21, 2004, IIA - Canada organized the meeting with Ambassador of Russia to Canada.

Representatives of business communities from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Florida (USA)

participated at that meeting.

Meeting was devoted to results of visit of Hon. Paul Martin, the Prime Minister of Canada to Russia and potentials of cooperation between Canada and Russia.

This event was organized in cooperation with Consulate General of Russia in Montreal, Trade Commissioner of Russia in Montreal and Lapointe Rosenstein Law Firm.


IIA as General Manager

International Informatization Academy (Canada) had been approved as a General Manager of two water bottling projects.

Water bottling plants in Russia (Baikal) and in Kyrgyzstan with capacities of one million liters per day (each plant).

In May 2004 IIA organized a business trip of representatives of ZAO "Life of Baikal" (Russia) and "Global Mountain Water Resources" (Kyrgyzstan) to Luxembourg and France to visit facilities of "Husky" and "Sidel", the main technology and equipment suppliers for the Water bottling projects.

This trip became available because of "Husky" representation office in Moscow.


Meeting with Premier of New Brunswick



On November 26, Prof. Azat Vartanian, the President of IIA-Canada and Mr. Donald Hill, the financial advisor, had the opportunity to meet with:



Hon. Bernard Lord, the Premier of New Brunkswick and other high officials.


"For the first time ever, a team of government officials and community business leaders are joining forces to lead a delegation into Montreal," Lord said. "This investment initiative will be focused on building strategic partnerships with Quebec-based businesses. Because we firmly believe that New Brunswick will be strong when all of its regions are strong, we are reaching out to potential new investors in Quebec in order to bring greater opportunity and greater prosperity to our province."